We have been sole agent of ALMA since the beginning of 2016

ALMA, Founded in 1980, is the leading French company in the field of truck loading equipment, automation systems, custody transfer and on-truck metering sets.

In the field of distribution, delivery and storage of petroleum products, ALMA offers a wide and complete range of equipments strictly developed through field experience, and responding to operators needs and legal metrology.

Petroleum loading terminal, refineries outflow, vapor recovery unit, tank-truck fleet, tank calibration…) with commitment of deadline and results.

Products range

  • Electronic turbine metering distribution without mechanical gas separator
  • Fuel, Gasoil and Heating Oil metering system (MID & ATEX
  • LPG metering system (MID
  • AdBlue metering system (MID
  • Product return valves management
  • Pneumatic manifold management
  • Accessories : temperature probe, turbine for retrofit, electro-pneumatic control box, remote control, gas separator